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False Nails outsold lipstick last year


Why do so many retailers fail when it comes to selling false nails?


Could it be they are offered 7-10 designs by a private label in one nails shape in quantities of 10’s of 1000’s, with no factual data as to what actually sells?  They display their 7-10 nail designs with no images, descriptions or any marketing, let alone social media support. They display their nails alongside hundreds of lipsticks, eyelashes and hair dyes they stock and then wonder why they don’t have a share of this global billion dollar industry. 


If you only offer 7-10 designs you are not giving women a range to choose from.


Why not order our top 20 sellers in all four nail shapes in smaller quantities and test what sells.  Build your relationship with nail art enthusiasts and they will come in droves. 

Open and account and place a sample order today.


Bling Art false nails is a global British false nail brand available in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan and the Arab nations.


We are the only brand in the world with b2c sales data in all marketplaces from online channels including Amazon and eBay.  Buy smaller sample quantities and then scale up and buy larger quantities with confidence.


To support you we create and post social media content every day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We post in 6 languages and in 16 countries ensuring you customers will be aware of the brand you are selling.


For OEM/FOB we will ship directly from our factory in China. 


Delivery times


EU - 3-5 days

USA - 5-7 days

Worldwide - 7-10 days


For more information please complete the registration form and we will be in touch


We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss.


Over the years we have forged connections across the world with individual agents, beauty salons and global distributors and would love to hear from you.


As a brand we are completely dedicated to meeting the needs of all our customers by way of offering sharp price points and designing products that practically sell themselves.

So whether you’re a nail art novice or a nail, hair or beauty salon, a national retailer or an international distributor, we have the products and the reputation to help differentiate you from the competition, please get in touch - we welcome your order.


False nails is a growing market and we hope by sampling our products you will agree with the 18500 ebay customers and our 100% feedback scores that our nails are special. The quality of the nails coupled with the range, finish and colours have helped make us the No 1 online brand in the world.


We have streamlined the account opening process and ordering should take no longer than a few minutes. Our pricing is configured to offer % discounts based on spend, so the more you buy the greater the discount.


Private Labelling False Nails – All enquiries are welcome, we can completely fit around your needs; this includes packaging that is designed to even the most specific of specs, products that can be crafted to a niche market and even the direct supply from our solid production lines.



Bling Art – Don’t Imitate - Differentiate